“SMALL *TALK” is a blog about All Things Branded, Designed + Inspired

Written by an interior designer in Tokyo

Driven by her motivation and “!!!” inspired moments

Edited by her selfish sensitivity and freedom to express

Guided by her eternal yearning for Beauty

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Thanks for visiting “SMALL* TALK”



“SMALL* TALK”へようこそ!

ここは、ブランディング、デザイン+インスピレーションのブログ by 東京のインテリアデザイナー







  1. Hi I just saw your site…..I wanted to say your photographs are lovely and your creative sense to make nice things is lovely. I just moved to Japan to Osaka to teach art to children at an international school…..I rarely find things in English made in Japan….but anyway I felt kind of inspired….I want to try the natural dyes with kids….

    I also read you had an accident. I just had one too and after living here for only 2 months. I moved into this really cool tradtional house between Osaka and Kyoto..I stepped off an engawa porch and the step was big and my balance bad and I twisted by ankle BUt it turned into a broken ankle and I spend 10 days in the hospital without speaking Japanese. I am off of work and at home and I am just now starting to see the light with my pain less and my creativity is starting to sprout.

    Anyway I hope you feel fine now and I just love your web site….I hope you make art part of your life everyday! I should start a blog too about recovery and Japan and what I learn recently about myself….my website is just my teaching stuff mostly…..

    Anyway thanks for sharing…it sort of helped me with my recovery somehow…


  2. Hey there,

    I stumbled on your site Googling my name. I’ve just put up a new site and was curious if any remnants of the old one where out there.
    I was hired by S2 Corp to shoot “The Vision and Art of Shinjo Ito”. The job was originally just in New York but they liked the work so much they brought me to Chicago and L.A. as well.
    It turned out to be a massive body of work and I never did much with it…
    Guess I’m just writing to say thanks for the kind words, glad someone saw it and enjoyed.

    much thanks


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