Name: Chinatsu Kaneko

Occupation: Interior Designer at

Occupational Interests: Retail Design, Corporate Interiors, Concept Design, Brand Design, Lighting Design

Other Interests: Photography, Yoga, Golf, Exercise, having a healthy body, mind and outlook on life :)


お仕事:インテリアデザイナー at




One comment

  1. Hello Chinatsu Kaneko,

    I am Marga Koot and I’m a Dutch woman of 43. I am connected to the Shinnyo-en Teaching, and was trying to find out with Google when the exhibition of Shinjo Ito will come to Milano, Italy. That’s how I came across your website.

    I was touched by your comment about the interviews; it made me decide I definitely will attend it myself. After reading this part, it was fun to read bits and pieces of the rest of your stories. But I absolutely admire your photo’s. I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts; it gave me nice half our in a bit grey but growing more sunny Amsterdam :-)

    Thank you,

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